DexProtector 5.0.0 with Android L Support Released

We are pleased to announce our big release: DexProtector 5.0.0 with support for Android L.

What is new?

  • Android L support added
  • Hide Access is now supporting x86 architecture
  • The new dex-processing engine “The Big Bang”, which speeds the protection up several times
  • Added ability to use glob and regexp syntaxes and exclude patterns in the filters
  • By default, the original debug info preserves in protected APKs
  • Trial Policy is changed: you must specify a device that is to be used to run protected applications

This summer was hot for our engineers, as a result of this we have a new engine that deals with APK and Dalvik bytecode. We named the engine "The Big Bang", and not by chance. Here comes a new era in development of protection mechanisms for Android platform.

We had a closed testing of a DexProtector’s release candidate and got a very positive feedback: the most problems that are relevant for 4.x were solved and APK processing speed was significantly increased.

If you have not yet started to use DexProtector 5, it is a great time to go ahead.

We are happy to hear any feedback from you, questions, comments, wishes and concerns are welcome!