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one computer license with one
year support and upgrades included

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DexProtector Standard Licensing

DexProtector is licensed per seat, i.e., you need a separate license for each developer workstation and build server.

The license itself is perpetual. Renewing your maintenance for another year ensures continuous support and access to the latest versions of DexProtector Standard. It is recommended to renew early to lock in the current subscription fee. If a license is not renewed within the grace period or earlier, the license fee may be increased.

Standard licenses can be purchased only by individuals and micro/small businesses.

DexProtector Standard licenses are not suitable for use in virtualized environments (virtual machines, Docker containers, etc.). If you are planning to use DexProtector in such an environment, please consider DexProtector Enterprise.

DexProtector cannot be used for the benefit of third parties, i.e., protection of third parties' software (IP rights), even if it was developed by you. That is considered as renting, which is strictly prohibited by the EULA. If you are a platform vendor and create applications for your customers that then published by them, you will need a special type of license called Solution Provider to be able to protect these applications on your side. Or each of your customers who require application protection must have a separate license for DexProtector.

Annual Support

one year of the technical support and
upgrades for DexProtector Standard **


After clicking the "Extend" button, click "Renew now" link of the license that's support is to be renewed.

Standard Support

The cost of a new DexProtector Standard license includes one year of the technical support: help with setting up, analysis of error logs, and fixes. It also includes updates/upgrades within the term.

Guaranteed time of first response: 24h (for business days). Number of support requests is limited to 2 per month.

If your subscription is not renewed within one month after the expiration of your last term, it will be needed to purchase a new license at the full cost. Please note that the fee can be increased in this case.


site license, annual subscription,
support and access to advanced features

DexProtector Enterprise Licensing and Support

One year subscription includes: a site license (the license can be used in virtualized environments, i.e., virtual machines and containers), enhanced support with first answer time of 12h (business days) and unlimited number of requests. The full feature list is availabe in DexProtector Feature Matrix. Priority problem solving (including contacts with third-parties on your behalf).

The license is renewed annually. Please note that all the protected applications must be your intellectual property, and published by your entity on applications stores (if applies). Otherwise, a different type of license is requried (Solution Provider), or each of your customers, which require application protection, must have a separate license for DexProtector. Free updates and upgrades for the subscription term are included.

This purchase and product fulfillment are processed by FastSpring, a trusted reseller for DexProtector.

End-User License Agreement

By purchasing a license for DexProtector Standard or DexProtector Enterprise you are agreeing to the EULA.


If your application(s) has more than 1,000,000 installations the standard license might not be available. Thank you for your understanding.


Licel reserves the right to decline your support renewal request. Thank you for your understanding.
This option is only for the standard version.