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Supports Android versions from 2.3 to 9.x (Android P)

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DexProtector features

DexProtector provides all the features you need for durable protection of your Android applications.
A full feature list is availabe in DexProtector Feature Matrix.

Application encryption

Securely encrypts strings, entire classes,
assets and resources, including Cordova/WebView applications' content.

Protection against analysis and cracking

Hides sensitive API calls: Android Security, Google Licensing, applications' internal logic and mission critical third-party libraries using the power of DexProtector InvokeDynamic engine.

Clone protection

Injects certificate checks and tamper detection into APKs in order to prevent re-signing and re-building of your applications.

To fully protect your Java applications you can use our product Stringer

Enterprise version

there had to be a better Android application and Android library protection solution

government organizations, financial, healthcare and security companies agree with us

18 world's biggest corporations use DexProtector Enterprise already

  • Support For MultiDex
  • Environment Checks
  • Tamper Notifications
  • Transparent SSL Pinning /
    HTTP Public Key Pinning (HPKP)
  • Android Library (AAR) Protection /
    Mobile SDK Protection
  • Android Wear and Android TV Application Protection
  • DexProtector Crypto Module
  • Native Code Encryption, Obfuscation and Anti-Debugging
  • Unique (Per-Customer) Settings for All the Protection Mechanisms
  • Adding Customer-Requested Features
  • Priority Support And Unlimited Number Of Requests

See full feature list here.

Application Protection Scheme



  • Application Protection

Application store



  • Application Protection
  • Anti-tampering Protection




  • Ads/In-App Purchases Protection
  • Licensing System Protection
  • Lock to the certain markets

User / Customer

Latest News

tips&tricks, development, byte code optimization
April 26, 2018
As you know the new D8 dexer became the default one starting from Android Studio / Android Gradle Plugin 3.1. If your application can be targeted to minSDK >= 19, you can decrease the size of Dalvik byte code for array initialization operations. Initializing an array is a quite frequent thing in the development of Java and Android applications. So getting the byte code optimized is useful. Let us get into details.
Google I/O 2018
April 26, 2018
In a few days in Mountain View, California one of the most important events for Android ecosystem will happen - Google I/O 2018. This year, our CEO Ivan Kinash and CTO Mikhail Dudarev will be there. We have selected a Top 4 sessions which we find interesting. Attendies will learn the latest changes in Android security, in which direction Google drives us in terms of app models and the distribution, and we find interesting to hear best practices of how to use Google Identity.
R8, D8, dexer, compiler, Android Studio 3.1
April 26, 2018
Google has recently released Android Studio and Android Gradle Plugin 3.1. This is a very important release for the Android community as now D8 is used as the default dex compiler instead of DX dexer. Alongside D8 comes R8 - a new optimizer which replaces ProGuard.