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The free trial license of DexProtector is fully functional for 15 days, but protected applications stop working when your trial license expires.

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Supports Android versions from 2.3 to 6.0 (Android M)

DexProtector 5.0.8, 8.71 MB
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Dexprotector features

Dexprotector provides all the features you need for complete protection of your Android applications:

Application encryption

DexProtector uses a strong cryptographic algorithms to encrypt String data and
Dalvik bytecode.

Protection against analysis and cracking

Allows you to hide sensitive API calls: Android Security, Google Licensing, application's internal logic and mission critical third-party libraries.

Clone protection

DexProtector injects checks in an APK file that guarantee the application will stop
functioning if re-signed, modified or re-built.

Get free trial
Valid for 15 days
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Different options are available.
To fully protect your Java applications you can use our product Stringer

Enterprise version

create your own protection scheme with our prominent technical support

  • Application Encryption
  • Integrity Protection
  • Tamper Detection
  • Multiple Hardware Architectures
  • IEEE Taggant Watermarking
  • Custom Builds
  • Android 2.3-5.0 support
  • Enchanced Support

Application Protection Scheme



  • Application Protection

Application store



  • Application Protection
  • Anti-tampering Protection




  • Ads/In-App Purchases Protection
  • Licensing System Protection
  • Lock to the certain markets

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Latest News

June 30, 2015
We are proud to release DexProtector 5.0.8. Please update your copy to the latest version. Added support for Android M preview images.
June 11, 2015
Last week DexProtector team attended Droidcon Berlin 2015. It is part of the global Droidcon community with around 20 Droidcons worldwide in 2015.
May 28, 2015
Next week, the large Android event droidcon Berlin 2015 takes place at Postbahnhof. DexProtector team is attending!