Introducing a new online home for DexProtector

For some time now, we’ve wanted to create an online home for all of our products. Not only DexProtector, but Stringer, JCardSim, and Alice too. We’re happy to say that you can now find them all over at

The information that you used to find here at can now be found at That includes all the documentation, together with everything you need to know about the latest DexProtector updates.

But there’s also much more waiting for you at You can read about some of the industries we operate in. And you can explore the risks that we stop from becoming a reality. In addition to that, we launched a special section of our website that introduces 7 principles for smarter and secure mobile app development, you can check it here -

The new Licel website is also where we share our opinions about future tech trends and their impact on security. You can read about the evolution from virtual assistants to virtual companions, for example. And it’s where you can find other helpful articles about how industries are changing and how to defend against specific attacks, like tampering.

This site will still be up and running for a while yet. So feel free to get in touch with us here, or to ask for a trial or a quote. But is where the latest updates and articles will be published.

Let us know if you have any questions, and we look forward to speaking with you soon.