DexProtector 5.0.9 with Experimental Apache Cordova/PhoneGap Support Released

We are pleased to announce the release of DexProtector 5.0.9. Finally, developers that use Cordova/PhoneGap frameworks have the solution to protect their code.
It is known that one of the biggest problems for Cordova/PhoneGap based applications is that resources HTML/JS/CSS are not compiled or otherwise obfuscated when the final application is published to stores, thus literally everyone is able to unzip your APK and see, copy and modify your original code.
DexProtector is now able to encrypt your Cordova/PhoneGap based application, and securely protect HTML/JS/CSS and other assets.

What is new:
- Android M Preview 2 Support
- Experimental Support for Apache Cordova/PhoneGap Android Applications