DexProtector 9 Released

The new version of DexProtector comes with the polished support for Android 9 (Pie), and we also announce the support for iOS platform. DexProtector now protects iOS Applications (IPAs) and iOS Frameworks.

At the moment, all the mechanisms are tuned to work with the final Android 9 version alongside other versions of Android. The support for Developer Previews has been dropped. DexProtector Gradle Plugin now supports Android Studio and Android Gradle Plugin of the 3.2 version.

We extended the features available within DexProtector Enterprise. It now includes protection of applications and frameworks for iOS platform. The tvOS and watchOS are included. The general approach is the same as for APK: an IPA is passed as the input to DexProtector. On the output DexProtector generates protected and signed IPAs, frameworks are processed the same way.

Please see more details on the iOS application protection here.


  • Support for Android 9 (Pie)


  • Added Support for Android Studio and Android Gradle Plugin 3.2
  • Improved compatibility with new dex compiler/minimizer - D8/R8


  • Android Libraries: New automatic initialization mechanism. It is now possible to set android:authorities of an AAR via the autoInitAuthorities attribute of the aar tag (DexProtector's configuration file). This resolves a potential conflict with the different applications using the same protected library installed on the same device
  • Xamarin Applications: Improved compatibility


  • Support for iOS Applications and Frameworks


  • Reinforced Root checks
  • The <xposed/> tag has been replaced with <hooks/>
  • Improved checks for Frida and Drozer
  • Updated detection patterns for Magisk in Root Detection
  • Updated Wireless Security Status Monitoring
  • Updated detection patterns for Emulator Detection


  • Hide Access: Transparent stack traces
  • Added automatic splitting of the main classes.dex if the number of references in the DEX is higher than 60K, the application is already MultiDex, and the API level >= 21. Thus DexProtector can free up space for its code that gets injected into the main classes.dex.


  • AndroidManifest.xml mangling was improved

Upgrade information: If you have a license for DexProtector 8.x and active support subscription, you can receive the upgrade at no additional cost (Standard->Standard, Enterprise->Enterprise). If your support subscription has been inactive for 1 month and more it is needed to acquire a new license. If you would like to upgrade from the Standard version to the Enterprise, please request an upgrade quote. To renew your support subscription, please contact the support.

How to get the latest version: Please request a link to the latest distribution package via the contact form or email.

Should you have any questions, please email us.