Security highlights from Droidcon Berlin

Last week DexProtector team attended Droidcon Berlin 2015. It is part of the global Droidcon community with around 20 Droidcons worldwide in 2015. We were proud to see DexProtector among startup partners of this great and well-organized event!

The conference started on June 3rd with Barcamp format when any attendee can suggest a topic for a session. It was a great opportunity for us to spread the word about Android apps security and how DexProtector can help with it. Kate, our project manager, gave a session “Is Your App Hackeble?” on main stage in the room full of Android developers:

Active feedback and further discussion have approved that security topic is very popular these days. The slides from Kate's talk are available on Slideshare:

Full list of Barcamp sessions with some notes can be found here. Thanks to all speakers for their work!

Next two days were sessions days. Three of four stages were recorded and you can already watch most of sessions on YouTube. Again, security topic was one of the hottest at the conference.
Some talks we enjoyed are:

Besides security, the conference expanded our knowledge about Android M, accessibility, design, Android Auto and other Android-related stuff.

And of course, we can't not mention great pre- and after-parties! We met a lot of new friends from all corners of Europe! (For those of you who hadn't chance to get your discount coupon, please don't hesitate to request it now: