Who is using DexProtector already?

Dozens of World's largest corporations (according to Fortune 500 and Forbes 2000) use DexProtector Enterprise to protect their mobile applications. DexProtector is widely used all over the world. Top countries are the United States, South Korea, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Brazil, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Israel, Hong Kong, Turkey, South Africa, Cyprus, Kenya, China, Italy, Canada, India, Netherlands, Slovenia, Malaysia, Spain, Ghana, Thailand, Qatar, Kuwait, Switzerland, Indonesia, Austria and many others.

In particular, several applications from Google Play's Top are protected with the help of DexProtector.

The weak place of Android applications is their insecurity. Code analysis, reverse engineering and cracking of Android applications is not a very difficult task for a reverse engineer. There is a number of decompiling tools for Android applications on the market that produce amazingly readable source code. As a result, such sensitive places of applications as valuable logic, cryptography, licensing systems (for example, Google Play LVL), In-App Purchases and advertising get under the threat. The potential malefactor is able to remove the license check and advertizing from your application (and replace with his own one), and even add a harmful code to the application if it isn't safely protected. All these things can lead to the considerable reduction of your income from the application, and also other risks.

It is highly recommended to protect Android applications to avoid their unauthorized or illegal use. One of our clients from Germany describes this situation:

Android apps are very unsecure in general. And with the currently available tools, even script kiddies can break it. Simple obfuscation isn’t enough and Google’s own security libs are a joke. Therefore releasing an app is more or less almost the same as posting my source code at github. I know absolute security doesn’t exist, but I hope with DexProtector my apps are as secure as possible.
We asked our clients: “What did you find as a result of implementing DexProtector?” and the most popular answer was: “Data security”.

Our good client from Germany says:

DexProtector is an outstanding product. The ease of use is a great advantage and the security of the protected apps is very good imho. I test my apps after protection with different cracking tools, so far I have no chance decompiling the protected areas.

It is very important to us that after applying DexProtector our user's applications become 'undecompilable'. It means that we are on the right way to data security. Let’s see what other people say. Our good client from Germany:

I’ve protected one of my programs with the demo version. Afterwards I checked the resulting apk with different decompilers. None of these tools gave me a usable result.

Our good client from Brazil:

I have compiled my apk in Eclipse and packed with DexProtector. Then I tried to decompile with JEB Decompiler and can’t do it. Your software works fine!

And this answer to the question “What did you find as a result of implementing DexProtector?” is really amazing (our good client from US):

My app sales increased almost five times! It seems that people who have been using the pirated app moved to the genuine.

What is the best feature of DexProtector, what do our users like most of all? Here are the answers:

  • string encryption
  • integrity protection
  • secured .apk file (which makes reverse engineering much more difficult)
  • ability to encrypt just single strings
  • ability to encrypt/hide api calls

Besides, our good clients from US noticed that:

It provides reliable app protection and it is really easy in configuration and integration with my build process.
Ability to use it together with name obfuscators such as ProGuard. I was impressed with output of Hide Access function!

Other clients, from Germany, point out several other benefits of the product:

Ease of use, configuration options. DexProtector works with all my different programming environments and isn't strictly bound on an Eclipse tool chain.
The best feature of DexProtector: it works on the final apk. I can use it from command line, therefore I hope I can integrate it as last step in my compiling workflow.

Of course, there are other obfuscators for Android applications on the market. Some of our customers tested several tools and compared them on the basis of their own experience. Let’s see what they say. Our good client from Germany:

I’m creating java apps, but my development languages are Pascal (Oxygene from RemObjects) and Basic (Basic4Android from Anywhere Software). In this workflow, tools like ProGuard and DexGuard doesn’t work. With DexProtector I’m free from fixed conditions.

Our good client from US:

It is one of the best and most useful software packages I have ever used for secure Android application.

False positive problem

Some of our clients say that sometimes their application is identified as malware in antivirus after applying DexProtector. Let’s see the comment of our client from US:

I have faced with the false positive problem, my app was identified as a malware in a few anti viruses. I would like to thank support team for helping me solve this problem.

You may also face this problem, so you should know what to do in such a situation. Our company has all the necessary business contacts with AV vendors, and our support team can efficiently solve such problems on your behalf. You only need to contact our technical support team if this problem exists.

And here is a feedback from a major AntiVirus Vendor's research team from UK:

This is indeed the most advanced apk protector that we have seen, it’s really nice.

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